It’s Party Time….Hunger Games Style!!


This past weekend, we celebrated my daughter’s birthday.  She is obsessed with the Hunger Games movie!  Have you guys seen it?  Are you on the Hunger Games wave yet?  I have to admit that I really like the movie too.  Not only are we obsessed with the movie but we are also on the last book of the trilogy.  So, when I asked my daughter what theme she wanted for her birthday party, I was pretty sure what the answer would be.   Since there is not much Hunger Games birthday party goodies locally, we made most of our own…..I’m sure it is much better on the wallet as well.

We started with some Hunger Games bookmarks for their “goodie bags.”

I got these templates from and embellished them with pictures.  I printed them out and glued them to some foam sheets I bought at the dollar store.  I punched holes in the top and tied some longs strings to the punched hole.  I figured anything that might motivate them to read is a good thing!

Next, I bought some red curtain panels from a going-out-of-business sale for $4.00 and created these sling style goodie bags that can be used as a water bottle holder later on or just a little bag to carry things.

I printed out a Mockingjay symbol on card stock paper and cut it out.  I painted over the symbol with white fabric paint and filled in any missed spots or corrections with a small paintbrush.

I used the same technique with the cookies except the “paint” was Wilton gold spray.  I sprayed the symbol on iced (and already dried) cookies.  I cut out the complete opposite part as I did to the sling bags.

For the cake, I made a white sheet cake with butter cream frosting.  While I was making all of the sugar cookies, I cut out a mockingjay symbol out of dough on top of a cookie sheet so that all I had to do was pull apart the excess dough and I could put it directly in the oven.  That way, I didn’t have to transfer it to my cookie sheet and risk messing it up.

I wish I would’ve had time to outline the symbol to make it pop a little better, but I ran out of time.


Now, this next image is going to appear a little crazy to any of you that haven’t seen the movie.  It is the cornucopia, the main area that contains any supplies the tributes might need when they go out into the arena.  It is a big silver thing that looks like it is made of metal.  So here goes…..

We started with a cardboard box and taped it all together in the correct shape.  Next we covered it in foil.  At the park, we filled it with water guns, water balls and all kinds of goodies.  This wacky contraption was the main centerpiece of the table at the park.

I definitely started way ahead of time.  I recruited the kids to help me make the bookmarks and used this opportunity to start teaching my daughter how to sew.  I just did a little at a time and before you know it, I had most of it done.  This would definitely be much more time consuming if I had more children.  I think I would constantly be in birthday mode!


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